Monday, March 10, 2008

Salt Lake

Lachelle's mom came for a visit in March. Kadon had a day off school, so we went to Salt Lake. We toured the Church History Museum, Temple Square, and lunched at the Gateway Mall.

Kadon said his favorite part was getting gold coins (Deseret Money sold at the gift shop) and the talking Jesus (The Christus statue and the recording the went along with it).

Kyrie Turns 2

Kyrie blowing out her candles. Kadon had to help her after the third try.

Kyrie loved opening presents. Kadon was almost as excited as she was.

Christopher Columbus

Kadon's school did a music production with each grade singing about a famous person from American history. Kadon's grade sang about Christopher Columbus. Kadon is trying to find me in an audience of a couple hundred.

Kadon spent the song frowning, occasionally doing the actions, and trying to watch the slide show on the projection screen above them.

Crazy Hair

Kyrie let me put her hair in pigtails for the first time. Unfortunately her hair wasn't quite long enough and it came down in back. Then she took a nap and flattened it straight out to the sides. After we took out her pigtails she had a halo of hair.

She had a blast "scarying" Nate with her crazy hair.

Christmas 2007

We spent Christmas with Lachelle's family in Washington. Kyrie got a baby and stroller from Santa. At the time she wasn't too sure of it, but now Baby goes everywhere with her.

Kadon got a Pirates of the Carribean ship from Santa. He has had a blast playing with it.

Kyrie also got a stuffed puppy from Grandma Packard. But she loved the candy in her stocking more than any present.

Kadon also got tons of army guys with full battle gear. Kevin and Jason were quite jealous. He has staged many battles between the Pirates and the army guys.