Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas in Our New House

Kadon and Kyrie posing by the rail that overlooks the kitchen. Kyrie thinks of it as her own personal stage. She sings and yells from there daily.

We love having a fireplace again. Kadon helped me set up our Christmas decorations.

Kadon and Kyrie sharing some love. Right after this picture they went right being arch enemies.

Fun Times in November

Kadon and Lachelle went to a BYU football game and had seats on the 5th row. We had a blast watching the players up close.
Kadon looking snazzy after church one Sunday. I tried to get Kyrie in the picture, but she's behind me having a meltdown. 1:00 Church was so hard on her.
Kyrie's working in the trenches with Mom packing boxes. Moving can be such an adventure.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat

Kyrie's so excited about her card from Grandma Packard.

Kyrie was a lady bug for Halloween. Her pigtail "antennae" are my favorite.

Kadon's class put on a Halloween production with songs, plays, and readers theater.

Kadon was a Ninga for Halloween.

Kadon decided he was done with singing.

Kadon fell asleep during his after school snack. I couldn't talk him into laying down.

The obligatory door picture before we head out trick-or-treating.

Strike a pose!

Kyrie quickly picked up the hang of trick or treating. Kadon called it quits before she did.

The Pumpkin Patch

On the way! Tom's a little grouchy because Kadon kept him up late when he and Danny spent the night.

The whole gang--all the relatives that live within a 3 block area--pose by the gianormous pumpkins. This pumpkin patch was pretty cool. It had a small corn maze that the kids could do, tons of photo boards, a couple of "play houses," and some inflatable slides and bounce houses. The kids had a blast!

We split up pumpkins-boys vs. girls. Both Nate and I were feeling pretty lazy, so the pumpkins aren't too fancy. Kyrie's sitting my hers and Kadon's sitting by his.

Kadon's Firsts

Kadon's First Day of First Grade.

We went bowling to celebrate Kadon's first day of school.
Kyrie even tried bowling this time. She scored better than Lachelle did.

Kadon lost his first tooth. He wiggled it out while his teacher was reading a book about loosing a tooth at school. He was the first person to put his name up on the missing teeth chart.

Kadon played on a soccor team for the first time this fall. He provided much comic relief during the games with his kung fu fighting, getting tangled in the net, and lying down in the middle of the field. He got to be on the same team as his cousin Danny. They were the "Green Aliens." Unfortunatly, Kadon loves his florescent green jersey and tries to wear it to school at least weekly.

Kadon's first field trip was up American Fork Canyon where they learned all about different parts of nature and had a visit from Smokey the Bear.

Kadon got to see a real army helicopter (I'm sure Jason or Kevin could tell you the exact model) at the BYU homecoming game. He had fun cheering the Cougars to a win.

Thompson Reunion

Kadon and Kyrie hamming it up at the dinner after their cousins, Ali and Maggie, were baptized.

Nate and Kadon plan their strategy in the Thompson family Quidditch Game.
Kyrie and her cousin Jessica celebrate the 24th of July.

Packard Reunions

Kyrie's taking a swimming break.

Kadon loves swimming in Grandma Packard's pool.

Lachelle and the kids riding in the boat while we go wakeboarding.

Kyrie Chilling with Grandpa Packard.

Lachelle and Kyrie watching Kadon fishing with Grandpa at the Packard reunion.