Sunday, May 4, 2008

Kadon Turns 7

Kadon wanted a football cake with BYU on it. Luckily I bought a football cake pan years ago on clearance.

  • We took the Thompson Trio bowling. They gave the bumper lanes quite a workout.

Kyrie had a meltdown because she couldn't bowl every turn.


The family in BYU apparel outside the Tanner Building.
Kadon is holding a "Piece of the Tanner" from the new construction.

Nate had been counting down the minutes till he was done.

Nate vetoed walking in commencement. Instead we did a tour of BYU with our kids and Lachelle's parents. We showed them the buildings we studied in. We looked at the new buildings. Grandpa Packard even visited his two favorite buildings--the Eyring Science Building and the Aquariums in the Widsow.

Kadon posing like a cougar. He kinda looks like the cougar statue outside the stadium.