Thursday, December 25, 2008

When Kadon Attacks!

Here is rare footage of a wild Kadon captured on Christmas morning. Forgive the shaky camera work as the camera man was terrified that at any moment the beast would turn its rage on him.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Long Lapse

So my old laptop died, and when I set up my new laptop's internet I forgot to add our blog to my bookmarks. Then two months passed before I realized I hadn't updated our blog. I guess out of sight out of mind really works when you've got 3 kids. So now I get to try and catch up.

Kids' Portraits

I never thought the studio enhancements were worth anything, but they make it easy to showcase the photos on my blog.

Let it Snow

We had a big snow storm this week.

Sitting with Santa

Kadon asked for a remote controlled robot. Kyrie just yelled "It's Santa!" repeatedly.

Kadon and Piper

In Front of the Christmas Tree

Swing Swing Swing

Piper loves her swing.

Turkey Day

Thanksgiving was great this year. Here Kadon and Kyrie are posing with their traditional turkey hats.

Halloween Costumes

Nate chose our Halloween costumes this year. Unfortunately the wig made him look more Clinton instead of McCain. Our buttons say McCain Palin 1908. Piper was the Drill Baby. Nate won "costume most unlike himself" at his work party. He lost "scarriest costume" to Joe Plumber because the only thing scarier than McCain Palin is someone who believes in McCain Palin. (His company is pretty liberal.)

Carving Pumpkins

Carving pumpkins for Family Night.

Kadon drew an example of the face for Nate. He was right there with the paper to make sure Nate cut it just the same. Kyrie was trying to help out too. She was lucky she didn't lose any fingers 'cause she kept sticking them in Nate's way.

Kadon and Kyrie sitting by their pumpkins.

Kadon's Photography

Kadon took all these pictures at Bridal Veil Falls up Provo Canyon. He got some great shots. Of course the last one was his favorite. Kyrie got tired of posing and turned to pick something up right when Kadon shot the picture.