Sunday, April 13, 2008

It's a Girl

Unfortunatly the ultrasound pictures were fuzzy and too dark. But just take my word that this one looks just like all my others. Round head, up turned nose, etc.

I'm due Aug. 30th.


Our activity for Family Night last week was Guitar Hero 3.

It was supposed to be just Kadon and Nate, but Kyrie was having none of that. She quickly pushed her way in.

At first Kyrie want to be the Boss of Everything. Nate finally got her to just strum while he pressed the buttons.

Pretty soon she had found her groove. She actually got more note right than Kadon.

Kadon was in heaven. It was his favorite FHE activity so far.

Easter 2008

The Easter Bunny hid Kadon's basket in the oven.

Love the no pants look, bud!

The Easter Bunny hid Kyrie's basket behind the couch.

Don't let Kyrie's looks decieve you. Even though she looks half dead, she is more than ready for candy.

Kadon and Kyrie enjoying what the Easter Bunny left them.

Kadon and Kyrie all spiffy for Easter Sunday.

Kyrie loved finding the candy. Since she had to stop and tell us about each one, she didn't get very much.

Kadon had the enviable job of finding all the really hidden pieces.

"LOOK!!!!! CANDY!!!!!!!!!!"