Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas in Our New House

Kadon and Kyrie posing by the rail that overlooks the kitchen. Kyrie thinks of it as her own personal stage. She sings and yells from there daily.

We love having a fireplace again. Kadon helped me set up our Christmas decorations.

Kadon and Kyrie sharing some love. Right after this picture they went right being arch enemies.


Beccarigg said...

Great blog Lachelle! And congrats on the new house! That's so great that Nate got a job and you guys are all good to go! Just one more semester!
p.s I linked you to our blog, it's

Jon & Bridget said...

Hey Lachelle... this is Jon and Bridget. We started a blog awhile ago and it has been fun finding all the cousins. An easy way to keep in touch. I love your new fireplace. We don't have one in our new place and it is hard trying to decide where to hang the stockings. :) Glad to find you. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

garietys said...

Congratulations on the job offer, and the new house. Your kids are growing so fast. Merry Christmas!

Lamont and Melissa Larsen said...

Hey! It's fun to find you guys on here. Your new house looks nice. We hope you guys are doing well and have a great Christmas. We have a Christmas card on

Lamont and Melissa

Sharee & Arthur said...

Okay, Lachelle,
It's been Christmas on your blog for three months now. Time for an update!!! love ya!